International Career & Employers' Days! (Online Job Days)


International Career & Employers' Days! (Online Job Days)




International Career & Employers' Day is a two-days online recruiting event organized by EURES ITALY: the first day  dedicated to jobseekers and the second to Employers. On both days  (from 10:00 to 18:00) it will be possible to consult national and European job offers, send your application, hold job interviews with companies, chat with EURES Advisors and companies.


• The day dedicated to job seekers also aims to inform about the opportunities and services offered by EURES, on European mobility projects (YFEJ, etc.), on self-employment, and programs for young people (Youth Guarantee, etc.). The program of interventions dedicated to jobseekers is part of the European Vocational Skills Week and aims to inform the Skills Agenda for Europe on sustainable competitiveness, social equity and resilience "and to support young people in the process of transitioning from school to work. During the day, there will also be information workshops on career guidance, accompaniment to work, training and retraining opportunities, and the new potential of Europass.


• The day dedicated to employers, building on the success of the previous three editions of EURES Italy for Employers' Day, organized on the EoJD platform, aims to give continuity to the initiatives aimed at employers, and provides a focus on labour policies, on hiring incentives in Italy, on European mobility projects (TMSs), regulation of internships and employment contracts in Italy.


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