The new innovative DYPA app for the tourism and hospitality sectors has been activated!

Free, easy and fast JOBmatch between employers and employees!


After downloading the JOBmatch app from the App Store or the Play Store and completing the profile the candidate employee can use the filters to configure their choices in matters such as the desirable occupations, the working hours, the location of the business and the wage range.


At the same time employers can create their business profiles and DIRECTLY match the jobseeker with their job vacancy based on the location of the business, the wage range and their evaluation.


All these simple steps lead to an immediate interview!

An innovative DYPA app for both temporary and permanent employment in the sectors of tourism and hospitality.


Visit the app web page:


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Enter the JOBmatch platform

To sign in the JOBmatch platform for businesses click here.

User manual for the JOBmatch platform

Click here for the user manual with the instructions for businesses.

Download the JOBmatch app


Scan the QR below with your mobile camera to download the app.

If you are already using your mobile, click here



Scan the QR below with your mobile camera to download the app.

If you are already on your mobile, click here


User manual for JOBmatch app

Click here for the user manual with instructions for candidate employees.

Do I download the app for free?

Yes, you can download the app for free from the Play Store if you have an Αndroid device or from the App Store if you have IOS device.

Why I need to provide so many personal data for my profile?

We ask you to complete only the absolutely necessary data to register. Personal data such as Tax Identification Number (TIN) or Social Security Number etc., are not necessary for the registration but providing them will facilitate the employer in the recruitment process and at the same time our algorithm will display your profile more frequently to businesses when they are looking for candidates with your characteristics.

How is my profile selected for a job?

Employers are looking for candidates using as filters information provided in your profile such as the type of the business, the job post, the duration of work experience, the desirable daily wage, working hours and location. Based on these filters the suitable candidate profiles’ are displayed in the results and the business opts to send you a notification to schedule an interview.

How can I choose a job post?

You receive a notification that your profile has been selected based on your availability, location and the rest of the filters you have completed.

This means that your profile was viewed by a business and that now you have to confirm whether you want to go on or not. If you swipe right you indicate that you are interested in the job opportunity, you "match" with this particular employer, while if you swipe left you ignore it.

Is it necessary to go for an interview?

If you have been "matched" with a job post you have the opportunity to go on with the procedure or you can stop it (at any time). If you choose to go on, then the employer can send you a notification regarding the exact location, date and time of the interview, which you should RSVP. You can also arrange the interview over the phone!

Do I pay to go to an interview?

The JOBmatch app is available for free and it displays your profile in real time to all the businesses looking for a candidate with your characteristics.

How can I choose where I want to work?

To appear in the job opportunities, you prefer and be seen and selected by employers, you simply fill in the available filters and then we display you profile across our network, in real time, whenever a need arises. Then the business will notify you that you have been chosen and you can decide whether you want to "match" or not.

What can I do if I see that employers do not choose my profile?

If the employers do not choose your profile, then you should check whether the filters you used have expired (dates and hours of availability) or you can expand them a little so that your profile is displayed in more employer searches.

Can I rate a job?

Of course, you can rate the job and the working environment after the cooperation has ended. You will receive an automated notification to rate the job with a few simple taps. Just remember! Employers can also rate you.

What are the terms of use?

You can check our terms of use here. For further questions, contact us at 210 0100000 or at

What happens if I schedule an interview and I do not show up?

To cancel or reschedule an interview, you must notify the employer through the app, up to 1 hour in advance. If you fail to do so, then the employer can state that you did not show up and you can get a 0 rating, so make sure that you are punctual.

How many stages there are to schedule an interview?

The stages are only four:

  1. Swipe right to "match" with the job opportunity
  2. Confirm your expression of interest
  3. Schedule the interview (the employer can skip this step and to proceed with the recruitment)
  4. Congratulations, you got the job!

Can I deactivate my account?

If you want to deactivate your account, you can do it easily from your profile settings.

How are my data protected?

Your full data (last name, mobile. email), like the rest of the data you choose to complete such as your CV are displayed to the businesses only if you choose them too and you reach the point of scheduling an interview. Up to that point, only your profile photo, your first name, your age, your rating and the duration of your work experience are displayed.

What features can I set in the Jobmatch app?

In settings you can select and de-select, delete and edit any information entrusted to us, as well as the notifications we send you, to improve your experience in our application.


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