JOBmatch for the direct matching of businesses with jobseekers in the tourism - hospitality sector

JOBmatch for the direct matching of businesses with jobseekers in the tourism - hospitality sector

The new free app and platform JOBmatch by DYPA were activated today aiming at the direct matching of businesses in the tourism and hospitality sector with persons looking for a job in relative occupations. The platform is addressed to businesses and the JOBmatch app to jobseekers.

The use of the new digital tool of DYPA is very simple:

Businesses create their profile for free in the platform and can immediately "look for an employee" from the job posts they offer by selecting specific characteristics, such as:

  • Occupation
  • Type of employment (permanent, seasonal, other)
  • Date of employment start
  • Wage range

Similarly, persons looking for a job the tourism-hospitality sector can "download" the JOBmatch app, which is available on Android (Google Play Store) and IOS (Apple App Store), create their profile and shape their choices using the available filters, such as:

  • Desirable occupations
  • Working hours
  • Area
  • Wage range
  • Available since

The platform offers businesses the opportunity to directly check which candidates match their search in order to select them and then propose a time and place for the interview. This way, the process of finding a suitable employee can now be completed in less than 5 minutes!

Similarly, each candidate can instantly receive information from the JOBmatch app when a business chooses them for an interview and they can accept or reject the invitation to the interview. In case they accept, the business can access their data and contact them to schedule the interview.

Furthermore, candidates can update the search filters as frequently as they wish, thus shaping their profile according to their availability and choices.

Domna Michailidou, Minister of Labour and Social Security, stated that: "With the new JOBmatch app we can take another step towards matching employees with business. The new, innovative service starts from the tourism and the hospitality, two very important sectors for Greece, where an increased need for staff has been recorded. DYPA no longer only grants benefits but it also creates employment opportunities for our fellow citizens and we prove it in practise. We constantly upgrade our services. Within four years we have managed to significantly decrease the unemployment rate and to support the labour market by taking active employment actions. We go on".

DYPA Governor, Spiros Protopsaltis, stated: " DYPA employs another innovative tool for the more effective and direct connection between businesses looking for staff and jobseekers. We have started the pilot implementation in the tourism and hospital sector because businesses in this sector deal with significant challenges in finding staff and we will evaluate the results. The JOBmatch app literally offer the unemployed persons, the employees and businesses the opportunity to connect with each other in real time and to decide without mediation in a few minutes whether they will proceed with the interview. We continue with the DYPA modernisation, we upgrade our toolkit and the design of new services in order to strengthen the labour market supply and demand.

We would like to note that the use of the platform for the businesses works exclusively on a browser. They can log in and register via a browser from a desktop, tablet or smartphone and the platform operates with all browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, etc.).

For instructions and more information:

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