myΟΑΕΔapp: The entire Manpower Employment Organization in your hands

Since February 2021, citizens may “download” in their cellphones and tablets the new application myOAEDapp. 

With the new application myOAEDapp, more than 40 electronic services are now in the hands of every citizen, easily, immediately and speedily. Specifically, the services like these are provided: 

  • Registration in the unemployed register and renewal of the unemployment card

  • Application for an unemployment time certificate which is issued immediately.

  • Application for allowances and other social subsidies like unemployment allowance, motherhood subsidies, social policy program cheques etc

  • Application for training, preparation, and practice programs

  • Appeals on rejecting decisions of the Organization

  • Management and immediate dispatch of a CV

  • Search in an interactive map for information regarding OAED branches and guidance instructions to the specific branch.

  • Useful information regarding the capacity of the unemployed.

  • Information about more than 80 different services, including the renewal dates of the unemployment card in specific periods of time.

This application is part of a wider effort by the Organization carried out in the last year. The purpose is to reduce visits to the Employment Promotion Centers (EPC2) by gradually increasing the services provided digitally.

The Governor of OAED Spyros Protopsaltis said that “the new application myΟΑΕΔapp is expected to bring about a revolutionary change in the way citizens subsidy from public services and the way public bodies like OAED, utilize technology for the subsidy of the public interest. The new OAED is innovative and shows the way for the provision of modern digital services to citizens. The application will be a real instrument for citizens, simplifying processes that will now really be in their hands”.

Download the application in Android or IOS