Digital Greek Public Employment Service

  • As of February 2021, citizens may download the new OAEDapp application on their mobile phones and tablets.

    With the new OAEDapp application, more than 40 electronic services are now available in the hands of every citizen, easily, directly and quickly. In particular, services such as:

    • Registration in the unemployment register and renewal of the unemployment card.

    • Application for the issuance of unemployment certificate, which is issued immediately.

    • Application for allowance and other social benefits such as unemployment benefit, maternity benefits, checks for social policy programs, etc.

    • Application for training, preparatory, internship programs.

    • Objections to rejection decisions of the Organization.

    • Management and immediate posting of CVs.

    • Search for OAED branches in an interactive information map as well as guidance instructions for the specific branch.

    • Useful information related to the status of unemployed.

    • Updates for more than 80 different services, including the renewal dates of the unemployment card at specific intervals.

    This application is part of a broader effort of the Organization implemented in the last year. This implementation is part of an Organization's broader effort that is being implemented in the past year. The goal is to reduce the number of visits to the Employment Promotion Centers (PES) by gradually increasing the services provided digitally.

    The Governor of OAED, Spyros Protopsaltis, stated that the new application OAEDapp is expected to bring about a revolutionary change on how citizens benefit from public services and on how public institutions, such as OAED, use technology to the benefit of the public interest. The new OAED innovates and shows the way for the provision of modern digital services to the citizens. The application will be a real tool for the citizens, simplifying procedures that will now be literally in their hands".

    Download the application on Android or IOS

  • A new OAED communication channel was launched in December 2020, along with the citizens. It's the digital platform, myOAEDlive, through which a citizen may proceed to a reservation and be served via teleconference by a specialized OAED employee. Utilization and development of this specific tool for the service of the unemployed and companies, was made in collaboration with the General Secretariat of Information Systems.

    For the first time, the unemployed and companies have the ability to schedule appointments at a specific day and time to be served by the OAED's specialized staff via video conference (video call), avoiding attendance at the Employment Promotion Centers (PES).

    The service is available at, where a citizen may be informed about the services provided, and through the use of personal taxisnet codes, choose the desired  service, the date and time and provide his contact details of the same or a third person's contact details that will be participating in the teleconference. The use of myOAEDlive is simple and user-friendly, does not require high digital skills.

    While reserving the digital appointment, registration of the details of the interested party is required:

    • name and surname
    • email address
    • mobile telephone number
    • postal address.

    During the teleconference,  it is necessary to demonstrate the identity documents of the person concerned.

    In addition to facilitating citizens who do not have access to local services due to COVID-19 restrictions, myOAEDlive aspires to make it accessible to citizens who either do not know the Greek language or belong to vulnerable social groups (PWDs, disabled etc.). In collaboration with the Foundation for Deaf People, the possibility of interpretation in the Greek sign language/lip-reading is provided, while in collaboration with the Ionian University and other non-governmental institutions, interpretation is provided in other languages as well.

    For more information and for the use of myOAEDlive services, visit the service.

  • Legal Framework
        • Joint Ministerial Decree No. 49926/14976/17-12-2020: Procedure for providing advisory services to registered unemployed and businesses by the Manpower Employment Organization by teleconference (Government Gazette Β'/5517/17-12-2020)
        • Amendment - completion of the document no. 49926/14976/07-12-2020: "Process for providing consulting services to registered unemployed and businesses by theManpower Employment Organization by teleconference" (Government Gazette Β΄/901/9-3-2021)
  • "myDYPAdate": a new digital platform for appointments at KPA2 and EKO Offices "

    In recent years, the service provided to citizens by the Greek Public Employment Service is increasingly oriented towards digital - remote service provision. However, a small part of our services are still provided exclusively by the local branches At the same time, the observance of public health measures require appointments as the main way of service from the KPA2 and EKO Offices

    The new "myDYPAdate" service offers citizens the chance to digitally plan their visits in one of the local services of the Greek Public Employment Service (117 KPA2 and 2 EKO Offices). This is another cooperation of the Greek Public Employment Service with the General Secretariat of Public Administration Information Systems of the Ministry of Digital Governance, with the purpose of better serving citizens.

    Citizen, with the using taxisnet codes, can easily and without waiting, look for the service they need to contact, based on the postal address and the type of service they wish. They can then secure their appointment on the day and time they wish, so that they can be served on a priority basis, for one of the 15 available services.

    The "myDYPAdate" service only concerns those services that are not provided exclusively electronically by and the

    The services for which it is possible to make an appointment via "myDYPAndevou" are the following:

    • Applications for subsidies that are not available online/presentation of supporting documents
    • Confirmation of receipt of Ordinary Unemployment subsidy (outside of this year)
    • Submission of objections for insurance subsidies other than social subsidies
    • Service for residents of workhouses/borrowers of former Workers' Housing Organisation
    • Application for payment of salaries to students who are away from work to participate in written examinations
    • Submission of applications for payment of a grant from employers/presentation of supporting documents
    • Submission of objections from employers for employment programs
    • Application for a grant from employers for internships of ATEI – ASPETE students
    • Submission of an application for recognition of unemployment time due to casual employment
    • Corrections of Registry Details/presentation of supporting documents
    • Issuance of a key number (where required)
    • Counseling of the unemployed
    • Counseling of employers
    • Counseling of unemployed Special Social Groups

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