Guide to structured knowledge transfer in the Public Sector for resigning employees

We would like to inform you that the General Secretariat of Human Resources of the Public Sector has issued a Guide for structured transfer of knowledge in the public sector for departing employees (hereinafter referred to as the "Guide"), which contributes to the creation of a structured knowledge transfer system, for cases of departure or long-term absence of public employees from their workplace.

In particular, the "structured transfer of knowledge for leaving employees means a comprehensive process of recording basic elements for the performance of the duties of the employee's job position and the transfer of knowledge to the service and to the successor of the position, with the purpose of the continuity of public administration and the smooth operation of public services.

The transfer of knowledge includes the brief description of the duties of the position, according to the Job description, useful information and informative material for the performance of the duties, the status of the main activities / projects / actions / meetings with information such as at what stage of implementation they are, deadlines, necessary actions, pending actions, costs, priorities, institutional framework and records of the action.

Based on the above, the relevant Personnel Departments, recipients of this document, are requested to communicate the above-mentioned Guide attached to this document via e-mail to their employees, as well as to all bodies subordinated or supervised by them, in order for the employees to be informed, ensuring any action needed upon the employee's departure, such as the delivery of a physical and electronic file, as well as the delivery of the employee's Knowledge Transfer Note to the relevant Supervisor (a sample of this is provided at the end of the Guide). In addition, each institution is obliged to post this Guide on its website.

This circular with the Guide attached has been posted centrally on the website of the Ministry of the Interior,, under the route "Public Sector Human Resources - Human Resources".

See the Guide here

See the Sample Form (.docx) here