The first "Career Days" of 2024 were successfully completed. More than 7.500 citizens came in contact with executives from 200 businesses seeking staff

"Career Day", the two-day event organised by the Greek Public Employment Service (DYPA) on the 26th and 27th January in Athens, was completed with great success. The event also set a new record in terms of the number of citizens attending, businesses participating and the offered new jobs.

More than 200 businesses with over 7.000 new jobs participated in the event while over 7.500 citizens seeking for job or looking for their new next step in their professional path attended it. Persons looking for job or wishing to change their career had the opportunity to hand over their CVs and to have an interview with executives of medium-sized and large businesses from all sectors of the economy.

Minster of Labour and Social Security, Domna Michailidou, stated: "I am very happy that today we launch the first DYPA "Career Day" for 2024. A great celebration for the Greek labour market. Till this day this action has helped over 5.000 citizens to find a job in more than 700 businesses. This year more than 200 businesses from a variety of different sectors such as construction, finance, health but also tourism and food, participate in Career Days aiming to cover over 7.000 jobs. DYPA does more than to provide benefits to support the unemployed. With the help of actions promoting employment such as this DYPA connects citizens and the labour market. DYPA Governor, Spyros Protopsaltis, and his team deserve our congratulations for this initiative. Since 2021 when it was launched for the first time we have managed to connect employers with citizens looking for staff. For the last four years the Government has managed to reduce the country's unemployment rate to single digits. We carry on! We strengthen society and the economy by creating new jobs".

DYPA Governor, Spyros Protopsaltis, stated: "People have embraced Career Days because they enable all jobseekers to apply for a position they are interested in and at the same time companies to find the suitable staff for their vacancies. Just like in every similar event, today thousands of job interviews took place, many of which will lead to immediate recruitments. The first event of the new year was marked by a record number of citizens attending it, as well as businesses participating, thus attesting to the trust bonds we have established with the labour force in Greece and the world of business. We have a plan and we are open! We go on, so that unemployed persons, employees and businesses can always have DYPA next to them, as an ally to achieve their goals, to develop and evolve".


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