Work experience programme for 5.000 unemployed persons aged up to 29

Work experience programme for 5.000 unemployed persons aged up to 29


To offer 5.000 unemployed persons aged up to 29 the opportunity to gain work experience in areas of the digital economy, in order to facilitate their entry into the labour market.


Businesses engaging in economic activity throughout Greece and are active in sectors relevant to digital marketing (as main or secondary branch of activity) or have marketing departments can participate in this action. Other type of businesses can also participate provided that the head of the business or at least one full-time employee is partially or exclusively engaged in the field of digital marketing. A business can participate provided that it has not reduced its staff over the 1-month period prior to the application. According to their staff, businesses can participate in the programme as follows:

Businesses with staff up to

Maximum number of beneficiaries

3 persons


4-9 persons


10-19 persons


20-30 persons


31-50 persons



25% of the staff


Unemployed persons aged up to 29, registered with DYPA Register at the time of their referral, graduates of at least secondary education, who have completed a theoretical training program of at least 50 hours in the digital economy.

08-03-2021 Programme's Information Factsheet