Business initiative subsidy programme aimed at ensuring employment for new Roma entrepreneurs, Region of Attica

Business initiative subsidy programme aimed at ensuring employment for new entrepreneurs aged 20–44 from marginalized social groups, including Roma", in the context of the "Attica" Operational Programme 2014- 2020 - CLOSED FOR SUBMISSION OF APPLICATIONS


To promote entrepreneurship of unemployed persons aged 20 - 44 from marginalized social groups in the Region of Attica, including Roma, who face disadvantages in terms of their smooth integration into the labour market.


Unemployed persons, registered with DYPA who when applying:

• Are between the ages of 20 to 44.

• Have already benefited from the process of the DYPA tailor-made intervention and have drafted an Individual Action Plan.

• Are Greek citizens or citizens of another EU member state or expatriates with the right to stay and work in Greece or third country citizens with a valid residence permit for at least the duration of the programme.

• Have completed their military service or have been legally discharged (for male applicants)

• Have a certificate from the Community Centers services, Roma Branches or Social Services of the Municipalities (and/or from local government social services [OTA]) regarding residence in the settlement/camp

• Are planning to start a business within the Region of Attica.


The subsidy lasts 12 months, the support for new businesses amounts to 14,800 € and is paid in three installments.

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