European Online Job Days - Work in Flanders - Belgium 2020 2nd October 2020


European Online Job Days -  Work in Flanders - Belgium 2020 2nd October 2020


Are you a Pro in Engineering?
Do you have an experienced background in IT, Maintenance, Construction, Robotics…?
Have you a strong interest in a STEM speciality?
Or does your heart beat faster for a job in healthcare?  We are in big need for nurses, specialised doctors and dentists.
Ever thought about Belgium – Flanders as a career destination?

The international employment service in Flanders is carefully, although courageously, looking forward to the future: We keep the European mobility dialogue open, especially during difficult times!


There are many unknown challenges in our shared economic labor market, which leave sense of insecurity and solid impression.  That is precisely why we want to focus on the resilience and creativity of our customers (employers & jobseekers) and provide support for needs that we will also face after the crisis.


Solidarity and transparency will therefore be common ground in the reconstruction and future success stories. We encourage all jobseekers with the right skills, background and motivation to keep the application process going, it might take awhile before you can travel to your new work destination but it’s never to early to prepare and make good agreements.


Flanders, one of the 3 Belgian regions, is integrated in one of the most dynamic economic areas in Central Europe, keeping its growth trend since end-2013. It’s where the heart of technology beats and inventions for the future are given birth to every day.

However, employers keep facing shortages of qualified professionals, namely in Engineering, Construction and Technology domains. Mismatch and other economic challenges will, even more in a post-Covid 19 era, be part of our growing demand of specialized professionals in specific area.


Do you know that we have an excellent health care system in Flanders/Belgium? Flanders is an innovative region to work in, which offers chances for you to improve your professional experience and enjoy a good standard of living and quality of life. 


People subject to Belgian social security have easy access to healthcare because our government reimburses a big part of these costs. This creates lots of jobs for nurses, specialised doctors and dentists. Nurses are wanted in hospitals as well as in elderly homes.


This is an opportunity for you to meet and make contact with Flemish employers while gaining insight on living and working in Belgium - and, of course, Flanders in particular.


Work in Flanders will give you a full support package for your job search in Flanders, Belgium.
You may receive financial support for language training, diploma recognition, relocation costs and travelling costs for a job interview.


You will be able to:

apply before the event for jobs matching your profile (only by doing so will you have the chance to be invited for one or more  interviews)


On the job day:

follow the program online with pre recorded company movies; ask supplementary questions by chat to employers and advisors  international mobility in Flanders; you will also have a chance to be interviewed during the event if you apply in advance and get an invitation from the company.


Want to join Work in Flanders 2020?


Registration for jobseekers will open on September 14th


We can't wait for you to participate in this new event at: