IT System Administrator (m/f) Arbeitsort: Kornwestheim, Germany

IT System Administrator (m/f) Arbeitsort: Kornwestheim



mm-lab GmbH is a young and thriving company which distinguishes itself by means of excellent know-how in the fields of Telecommunications and vehicle Telematics. Our company disposes of a versatile portfolio of consultancy and application development services. We are particularly engaged in the Automotive Domain and the Telecommunication sector. The basis of all solutions constitutes our own developed Advanced Telematics Platform(ATP). Among our customers, we count telecommunication providers, vehicle manufacturers as well as automotive suppliers, both municipal and private fleet operators and road toll operators. Our development projects comprise mobile telephonysystems, automotive testing, fleet management and electronic fee collection. Apart from performance-oriented remuneration, we lay emphasis on providing a pleasant working atmosphere, based on mutual respect and recognition. Our staff members are part of a dynamic and continuously growing company being active in a challenging and exciting market environment. We expect our employees to show strong interest in future technologies and to be apt to generate highly efficient system integrations. More over they should be entirely committed to their task and work in a results-oriented way in order to be able to implement projects according to customers¿ specifications. Currently we are in the market looking for a motivated IT System Administrator(m/f, first professional experience required), who is supposed to support the IT team: - IT network administration and maintenance - Support the development teams during integration and installation - Development of IT system architectures for our solutions - Support of customer projects Prerequisites: - Profound experience in IT/network administration (Linux and Windows servers, VMWare, - security, IP Networks) - Knowledge withmobile communicationsystems, embeddeddevices, vehicleIT integration - You are longing to work with the latest technologies - Interest in mobile, distributed applications - Highly proficient in English and basic knowledge of German - Ability to cope with pressure, capacity for teamwork, flexibility, learning aptitude Timeframe: As of now Operating location: Stuttgart

Please submit your complete application to Andreas Streit using following e-Mail: Incoming ZAV - Geforderte Anlagen: Lebenslauf, Zeugnisse; Führerscheine: Fahrerlaubnis B PKW/Kleinbusse (alt: FS 3): Zwingend erforderlich  



mm-lab GmbH

Stammheimer Str. 10, D-70806 Kornwestheim, Deutschland


Contact Person: Andreas Steit

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