Looking for Chefs and Pizza chefs in Norway


Chefs and Pizza chefs in Norway


Olivia opened the doors for the first time at Aker Brygge in 2006 with an ambition to offer the best flavors from Italy. The menu that is the core of all Olivia restaurants is stone oven baked, thin, crispy pizza, classic pasta dishes and antipasti. We provide the best Italian produced commodities and wine from smaller, family-run producers in Italy. All Olivia restaurants are unique and inspired by our Italian favorite cities; At Aker Brygge we travel to Naples, in Hegdehaugsveien to busy Rome, Olivia Tjuvholmen is inspired by the canal city of Venice, Østbanehallen looks to magnificent Milan, Solsiden of Trondheim has Florence as inspiration and, for Bergen, we have chosen beautiful Sicily. Olivia Stavanger is inspired by beautiful Portofino. Olivia Pronto is owned by Olivia, a ”pizza al taglio” consept with products of the same high quality as Olivia represents today. We are very entusiastic about the future, looking forward to bring Olivia to new cities and countries. We are super excited that our new restaurant in Gothenburg is doing really well.


Olivia was started with a genuine love of Italy and Italian cuisine, focusing on authentic ingredients and the pleasure of sharing a meal with friends and family. Our Pizza were newly voted one of the best Pizzas in town by Norways largest newspaper. We work every day to be not only a great experiencec for our guests, but also a great place to work for all.


We're looking for Chefs to join a modern progressive kitchen designed around the future of kitchen working practices. In an industry critically short of chefs, with gruelling long hours and a poor work life balance, we offer a controlled and skilled environment that is sertified by Great Place to Work.


Mind you, we are quite busy - so you need be be able to work in a fast pace when needed.


In an industry seemingly obsessed with achieving awards, we think that what we award our chefs with is far more important;

Professional kitchen with friendly working environment All whites provided and laundered Structured training programmes Competition entries welcomed Free food when working Friends and Family discounts on dining Fast moving career for those with the right skills and attitude


We're looking to sit down and meet with (pizza) chefs (at all levels) who seek a rewarding and progressive career. You'll enjoy your work, have energy for time off, and a freshness of thought to explore new skills. Our chefs also have the chanse to participate in our Dish of the year competition. The hard grind, the gruelling conditions and the exhaustion are no longer a badge of honour. Simply not necessary, nor should be expected in the 21st Century! We want to be game changers and we're expanding rapidly in the nordics, all countries known for great working-conditions.


If these are the conditions in which you seek to work, we want to hear from you, today!
Send your cv, career history and motivational letter.


Type of work contract: Temporary for summer season, with possibility for a permanent contract afterwards.

Working hours: 35,5 hours a week. Day and evening shifts averaging of 7,5 hours per shift

Place of work: Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim or Stavanger (Norway)

Salary: Minimum 175 NOK pr hour. In addition comes tip pr hour, averaging of 25 NOK pr worked hour.


How to apply? Send your CV, career history and motivational letter to steffen@olivia.no


Website: http://oliviarestauranter.no

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