Parental Leave Allowance

  • Beneficiaries of the parental leave allowance are all working parents (natural, adoptive, foster parents, presumed mothers of article 1464 of the Civil Code) or persons exercising parental care of children up to eight (8) years of age, who are employed:

    a) in the private sector, with any dependent work relationship or form of employment, including part-time and fixed-term contracts, temporary employment contracts or relationships of article 115 of Law 4052/2012 (A' 41), & with a salaried mandate,

    b) in the public sector, the N.P.D.D., the O.T.A. and the wider public sector, as defined in article 14 of Law 4270/2014 (A' 143), with a private law employment contract (IDAX & IDOX) or salaried mandate as long as they are not subject to the provisions of Articles 53 of Law 3528/2007 "Status Code of Public Political Administrative Employees and N.P.D.D. Employees" and art. 60 of Law 3584/2007 "Municipal and Community Employees Status Code", as applicable, &

    c) at the US Naval Facility Souda through recruitment by the Air Force;

    to whom parental leave is granted by the employer, in accordance with article 28 of Law 4808/2021. This leave lasts for each child up to four (4) months & can be taken either continuously for the entire 4 months or flexibly (i.e. part of the 4 months or in another flexible way, e.g. in the form of reduced daily hours for some hours within the working day or individual days off within the working days per week/month).

    The allowance is paid for the first two (2) months of leave for each child.

  • Necessary conditions for receiving the subsidy are the following:

    a) Posting by the employer in the P.S. INSTRUMENT of Form E.14 for the granting of parental leave,

    b) Completion of one (1) year of work (continuous or with successive fixed-term contracts) at the same employer, unless it is more favorably defined by a special provision or agreement between employers and employees (written or oral).

    Therefore, in the cases of not completing 1 year of work for the same employer, the subsidy is granted as long as Form E.14 has been posted in the P.S. INSTRUMENT which holds the position of a Responsible Declaration on behalf of the employer and from which the most favorable agreement between him and the employee results, & provided that the other terms & conditions are met.

    c) Age of child up to eight (8) years.

  • The application for the granting of the subsidy can be submitted at any time after the parental leave has been granted & posted by the employer in the P.S. ERGANI of Form E.14 & before the completion of the eighth (8th) year of the child's age.

    The application is submitted through e-services DYPA.

  • The Form E.14 granting the permit in question, which is posted by the employer in the P.S. ERGANI, where the details of the employer, the employee, the date of employment, the type of employment relationship, the hours of employment, the AMKA of the child or children (in the case of twins/multiples) for which are declared or for which parental leave is taken, the period of its granting & the method of obtaining it.

    In any case, the service is competent to request any additional supporting document deemed necessary for issuing the decision.

  • The monthly amount paid (gross) is equal to the statutory minimum wage, regardless of the type of employment (full-time, part-time, rotating). A proportion of holiday gifts and leave allowance is also paid, based on the aforementioned amount.

    The entitled amount is paid "in installments" per calendar month after the issuance of the relevant decision, in which the amount corresponding to the days/hours of parental leave taken is calculated, according to Form E.14 in PS ERGANI.

    • Each parent is entitled to 2 months of subsidized parental leave for each child.
    • Parents of twins, triplets or even more multiple children are entitled to receive a subsidy for two (2) additional months at once, that is, regardless of the number of children born together. It should be noted that these months should correspond to a period of parental leave (e.g. a parent of twins who receives 4 months of parental leave for each child, i.e. a total of 8 months, will be subsidized by 2 months for each child & for 2 additional months once, i.e. for a total of 6 months).
    • Single parents who exercise parental care exclusively, due to the death of the other parent or due to total removal of parental care or non-recognition of the child by the other parent or in any legally prescribed manner, are entitled to double the period of parental leave & subsidy (e.g. .eg a single parent who receives 8 (4*2) months of parental leave for one child, will be subsidized for 4 (2*2) months).

    It is noted that parents of more children (not twins/multiples) are entitled to the relevant leave & subsidy for each of them, as long as there has been one (1) year of actual employment with the same employer since the end of the leave given for the previous child, unless otherwise specified more favorable than a special provision or agreement (written or oral) of employers and employees.

    In any case, even if the leave is granted less than 1 year after the end of the leave given for the previous child, the subsidy is granted as long as Form E.14 has been posted in the P.S. INSTRUMENT where its grant is declared based on a more favorable arrangement/agreement. Parents of twins, triplets or more multiple children are entitled by law to receive parental leave and the subsidy for each child separately, intermittently or continuously, if they request it.

    During the subsidy the D.YPA.A. insures the beneficiaries in the main pension and sickness branches of the relevant insurance institution, as well as in the relevant subsidiary insurance institutions.

  • The subsidy is interrupted either at the request of the beneficiary or if the parental leave is interrupted for any reason (e.g. Termination of the employment relationship, granting of leaves that are compulsorily granted to the employee, such as sick leave, etc.)

    In the event of termination of the employment relationship and renewal or extension of a fixed-term employment contract or the conclusion of an employment contract with a new employer, the subsidy may continue as long as the parental leave continues, after posting a new E.14 for the grant of the remaining period of leave.

    More generally, the remainder of the leave & subsidy is transferred to another time period (continuation) provided the child has not reached the age of 8.

  • Art. 25 & 28 Law 4808/2021.