Social Benefits

An important field of activity for the Public Employment Service (DYPA) is social policy programs aimed at the entire population. Through these programs, the Service seeks to improve the living conditions of the workforce and their families.

Additionally, through targeted actions and provisions, DYPA enhances specific aspects of citizens' lives, such as maternity, preschool education, housing protection, concurrent study and employment, and more.

Social Tourism for Pensioners e EFKA (former OAEE)

Social tourism program of the Greek Public Employment Service (DYPA) exclusively aimed at retired freelancers (formerly OAEE)

Social tourism

Subsidy allocation for ferry tickets and accommodation in Greece.

Children's camps

Subsidy allowance for the accommodation of children aged 6 to 16, in summer camps.

Books for young people up to 24 years old

Program for Granting Credit Notes to Young People up to 24 years old for the Purchase of Books

Protection of the working mother

The supplementary maternity allowance and the special maternity protection allowance are intended to support and protect the working mother.

Vouchers for books

Subsidy allowance for the beneficiaries and their entitled members for the purchase of books.

Student subsidies

Subsidies for pupils / students / undergraduate and postgraduate students who work alongside their studies.

Parental Leave Allowance

Subsidy of the parental leave in accordance with Law 4808/2021 on the "Protection of Labour" of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs