European Year of Skills 2023

European Year of Skills 2023

The European Year of Skills helps citizens keep up to date and active in the labour market, and also acquire the right skills for high quality jobs; moreover, it supports companies in addressing skill shortages in Europe.

Why? A labour force equipped with highly demanded skills is key to long-term sustainable development and competitiveness. It can also ensure that the green and digital transitions are socially fair. How? A large number of events and activities focused on skills development are (going to be) held around the EU.

The European Year of Skills officially started on 9 May 2023 and will run for 12 months, comprising several activities and initiatives aimed at informing all EU citizens.

The European Years of Skills pursues the following key objectives:

  • Promoting investment in training and upskilling, so that EU citizens can be equipped with the right skills to stay in their jobs or find new ones that better match their career aspirations.
  • Ensuring that workers’ skills match the needs of employers, including by closely cooperating with social partners and companies from all sectors.
  • Matching people’s aspirations and skill sets with opportunities in the labour market, especially in view of the green and digital transitions and economic recovery.
  • Attracting skills and talent from third countries, including by strengthening learning opportunities and mobility and facilitating the recognition of qualifications.

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DYPA’s Governor, Spiros Protopsaltis, undertook the role of the President of the National Council for Workforce Skills, pursuant to Law No. 4921/2022 “Jobs Again”, given that the said Law also assigned the Public Employment Service the responsibility of implementing the Strategy for workforce upskilling and connection with the labour market.

Moreover, in February 2023, Spiros Protopsaltis was named National Skills Coordinator, undertaking to highlight and promote the importance of skilling, upskilling and reskilling for unemployed people, workers, and students, in order to address the challenges raised by skills shortages as a result of the green and digital transitions.

Moreover, within the context of the European Year of Skills 2023 and the European Commission’s strategic objective of reducing current skills shortages in the labour market, the National Skills Coordinator is responsible for coordinating the competent ministries, organizations and social partners at both national and EU level, in order to promote policies and measures aimed at ensuring equal access to education and training opportunities for all.

As far as Greece is concerned, the said task has prioritized for the very first time the reduction of the existing skills mismatches, given that Greece has recently been placed below the relevant OECD average (“Survey of Adult Skills-PIAAC” in Education at a Glance, 2021).

The increased participation of citizens in workforce skills development programmes presupposes that a substantial, constructive dialogue should be held between public and private organizations, universities and businesses, which is to be ensured by the National Skills Coordinator.

Besides, the National Skills Coordinator promotes the EU social targets to be attained by 2030 (at least 60% of all adults should participate in training every year; at least 78% of people aged 20 to 64 should be in employment), focusing the relevant measures and initiatives on ensuring a culture of reskilling and upskilling aimed at helping citizens acquire the right skills for quality jobs.

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Previous events:

2023-05-09 Event celebrating EuropeDay and the official start of the European Year of Skills: “Skills for you”

2023-05-17    Event on the Culinary Art / Pastry Making Training Programme at the Chania Detention Facility

2023-06-07            Building Maintenance Training Programme at the Trikala Detention Facility

2023-06-14    3o Youth and Lifelong Learning Festival

2023-06-21             Event at the Heraklion EPAS

2023-06-22             Event at the Chania EPAS

2023-06-22      An Event for the Larissa DYPA KEK “Cook Assistant” Programme was held at the Municipality of Tyrnavos.

2023-06-30      DYPA Vocational and Technical Education OPEN DAY

2023-07-11     “Skills for you” event

2023-09-15             Signing of MoU between DYPA and SEVE on Training and Employment

2023-09-15              DYPA Apprenticeship EPAS & ΙΕΚ: A New Era – “Training for the businesses of tomorrow”

2023-09-17             The contribution of skills to HR transformation    

2023-09-21             DYPA Apprenticeship EPAS: The future of Vocational Education

2023-10-16             Modernisation of the DYPA Vocational Education and Training System in Greece 

2023-10-21             The European Year of Skills in the 21st Career Day in Patras

2023-10-26             Skills and Interconnection of Labour Force with the Labour Market

2023-11-03             Training program Electromobility in Action

2023-11-18             The European Years of Skills at the 22nd Career Day in Larisa

2023-11-24             The European Years of Skills at the DYPA Business Partners Awards 2023

2023-11-26             JobReady by DYPA

2023-12-04             Presentation of the DYPA - AMAZON co-operations

2023-19-12            The European Year of Skills in the 23rd DYPA Career Day in Ioannina

2023-12-17            Skills & Talents for Businesses Event

2023-12-19            "Basic Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Skills"

2024-01-27            The European Year of Skills at the 24nd Career Day of the Greek Public Employment Service in Athens

2024-02-17            JobReady by DYPA

2024-02-24            The European Year of Skills in the 25nd DYPA Career Day in Thessaloniki

2024-03-04            Empowering Greece with Skills for a Sustainable Future

2024-03-09            The European Year of Skills at DYPA’s 26th Career Day in Crete

2024-03-11            Open Day Learn about DYPA Schools – Karditsa

2024-03-12            Open Day Learn about DYPA Schools – Larisa

2024-03-13            Open Day Learn about DYPA Schools – Volos

2024-03-21            The European Year of Skills at DYPA’s 27th Career Day in Volos

2024-03-30            The European Year of Skills at DYPA’s Tourism Career Day 

2024-04-13            The European Year of Skills at DYPA’s 28th Career Day in Trikala

2024-04-20            Open Day Learn about DYPA Schools – Athens

2024-04-25            Open Day Learn about DYPA Schools – Lamia

2024-04-27            The European Year of Skills at DYPA’s career day the Blue Economy

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