Personalized Approach

The process of personalized approach

The Employment Promotion Centers of the Greek Public Employment Service (KPA2) are the basic structures of the Service, aiming at the implementation of active employment policies, contributing to the reduction of unemployment.

The process of supporting the registered unemployed by the Employment Counselors is one of the basic functions of the KPA2 Services.

The personalized approach is a supportive process for the linking of supply and demand of work and a prerequisite for the connection of the registered unemployed with active forms of employment. 

The personalized approach is based on the basic principles of Professional Counseling and aims at the empowerment and development of the individual in order to make the appropriate professional decisions for them.


The process of individualized approach focuses on: 

  • defining the professional goal of the individual
  • in the investigation of the professional characteristics, skills and competencies 
  • in the successful linking and connection of the professional profile of the individual with the requirements of the job
  • in professional counseling support at an individual level

The process of individualized approach is completed with the drafting of the Individual Action Plan


The right to participate in the process of personalized approach is held by all registered unemployed persons of the Service, who maintain a valid unemployment card. However, with the implementation of the framework of mutual obligations, this is now also their obligation (Government Gazette B' no. 1236 –04/04/2018). From this obligation teachers, builders and seasonal workers of cases b’ and c’ of par. 2 of article 4 of Law 1545/1985 that become short-term unemployed (employed in tourism and other seasonal professions, workers employed in the mechanical means of fishing and in the emery mines), for whom the drafting of an Individual Action Plan is optional are excluded.

In addition, the registered in the Service, can book a digital appointment in myDYPAlive (click here) to be served by an Employment Consultant via videoconference.



Linking of Work Demand-Supply Services

At the heart of the work of the Employment Promotion Centers of the Greek Public Employment Service is the process of linking supply and demand for work. Aiming at the qualitative linking, the Employers' Employment Counselors cooperate with the companies looking for staff by recording in detail the characteristics of the vacancies.

Then, the Employment Counselors of job seekers, proceed to the mediation actions, utilizing the CV data registered for all registered unemployed in the Integrated Information System of the Greek Public Employment Service. 

The nominations of candidates in vacancies are made taking into account the profile of the position and respectively the profile of job seekers (experience, education, skills, etc.). Proposed candidates receive a constituent note from the Employment Counselors and with this they come in contact with the employers. For this reason, it is very important to update the CV data through the electronic services of c, as the linking process with the appropriate vacancies is facilitated.

See here the instructions for amending and updating the resume details

The Greek Public Eployment Service also offers integrated linking services to large enterprises through the Large Enterprises Unit, which include, but are not limited to, the implementation of staff pre-selection plans and flexible mediation procedures according to the needs of large enterprises.