Counseling services for job seekers and employers are included in placement services and represent a particularly important step in participating in active employment policies. The goal is to better match the supply and demand for labor. Additionally, within the framework of the Public Employment Service (DYPA), specialized counseling services are provided to specific social groups and students.

In this section, counseling services for job seekers and employers are presented.

Consulting Services for Employers

Consulting services to employers through a process of analyzing real staffing needs and recruiting employees

Advisory Supporting Actions

Consulting support services to the unemployed in the fields of vocational guidance, job research techniques and business idea development.

Personalized Approach

Individual consulting services for the unemployed with the purpose of carrying out a personalized approach and drawing up an Individual Action Plan (IAP) for the unemployed.

Employment in Europe (EURES)

Consulting services to job seekers for employment in another European country and to employers looking for employees. Provision of coupling services and development of targeted mobility programs.