Consulting Services for Employers

  • The Role of the Employment Counsellor to Employers

    The Greek Public Employment Organization aims to be the main mediator and interlocutor for businesses in issues of personnel search. It has a network of specialized Employment Consultants Employers, who provide services to all businesses that address to KPA2s, regardless of the size and field of activity. With speed, reliability and professionalism they provide support for all personnel search services. The Employers' Employment Consultants:

    • ensure that companies' job vacancies are filled - in the shortest possible timeframe - with employees who have the appropriate qualifications and skills
    • carry out visits to the business premises, record the needs in staff and inform about the services provided by the Greek Public Employment Service
    • communicate by telephone with employers who post positions through the Organization's electronic services to serve them and record the needs of businesses in human resources
    • record in detail, in cooperation with employers, the profile of of the job offered
    • monitor the progress of job placements

  • Consulting Services for Employers

    Business consulting

      A pioneer in the use of new technologies and in serving employers, the Organization has greatly developed electronic service and collaboration through the Employment Organisation's e-services.. It has also introduced a new service channel for employers through video conferencing: myDYPAlive.

      Matching Services

      In the heart of tasks of theEmployment Promotion Centers of the Manpower Employment Organizationis the process of matching labor supply - demand.

      Aiming at quality matching, employers' Work Consultants cooperate with companies looking for personnel by recording in detail the characteristics of vacant positions.

      Then, the Work Consultants of jobseekers carry out the mediation actions, using the CV data registered for all registered unemployed in the Integrated Information System of the Manpower Employment Organisation.

      The recommendations of candidates for vacant positions are made taking into account the profile of the position and, respectively, the profile of the job seekers (prior experience, education, skills etc.). The recommended candidates receive a constitutive note from the Employment Advisers and with this they are in contact with the employers.

      The Manpower Employment Organisation also offers comprehensive matching services to large companies through the Large Business Unit, which indicatively include the implementation of staff pre-selection plans and flexible mediation procedures according to the needs of large companies.


      Large Business Support Unit

      The Unit was established in 2014, as a proposal of the Organization's Business Model Reorganization Program. As part of its upgrade and adaptation to the current needs of the labor market since March 2021, the Unit currently operates with a new structure and personalized services for large companies, with the purpose of strengthening and improving the matching processes.

      The Large Business Support Unit is active in the logic of the organization's extroversion, which is expressed through organized and systematic procedures for approaching the labor market.

      It focuses on personnel research and selection processes with the implementation of pre-selection plans and the main objective is recruitment.

      Its action is based on the systematization of contacts with large companies, which are attracted, sensitized and informed about the employment potential of the different groups of unemployed and the available services provided by the Organization.

      Activities of the Large Business Support Unit:

      • It develops partnerships with businesses of more than 50 employees to upgrade the Manpower Employment Organisation's mediation role in matching supply and demand.
      • It promotes the establishment of a stable and consistent cooperation relationship of the Organization with large companies.
      • It carries out targeted actions of Pairing/Matching unemployed people with existing job vacancies.
      • It provides tailor-made candidate search and pre-selection services.
      • It organizes and coordinates career days/interviews, employer forums, etc.