Collaboration with Training Bodies

  • During the last years, the Greek Public Employment Service has concluded Memorandums of Cooperation with Training Bodies and Organizations. Through these partnerships, the Greek Public Employment Service seeks to improve skills and increase employability with targeted training actions, responding to the specific needs of the modern labor market.


    Following the Memorandum of Understanding signed in December 2022, DYPA and HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES SA. collaborate to implement an online vocational training programme offered to unemployed women free of charge in the context of the company's Corporate Social Responsibility (C.S.R.)

    The programme "Basic Information and Computer Technology Skills (ICT)" implemented by INTERLEI (International Learning Institute, the official training institution for HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES SA) has a duration of a hundred (100) hours, is addressed to 5.00 registered unemployed women aged 25 - 50 and offers synchronous distance training in the subject areas of: a) Basic Information and Computer Technology Skills (ICT) and b) Huawei Certified ICT Associate (HCIA) - Datacom.

    Upon completion of the programme, beneficiaries will have acquired the basic skills and knowledge required in the field of networks and the basic principles of routing, switching, wireless networking and network security, the IPv4 and IPv6 basic concepts and the SDN and automation fundamentals.

    Online live, a modern training platform will be used for the training, while upon completion of each subject area, all beneficiaries will have the right to participate free of charge in the respective exams validating their level of knowledge. Upon successful completion of the progamme beneficiaries will receive a certification of attendance.

    The programme starts on 9/10/2023 and will end on 15/12/2023.

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  • Amazon Web Services

    The Greek Public Employment Service and Amazon Web Services, EMEA SARL, signed a Memorandum of Understanding in July 2021, in order to promote their cooperation in the fields of innovation and economic growth, as well as the development of Greece's workforce. In this context, initiatives and actions are being implemented to support a workforce ready for the computing cloud, promote education in digital skills of future generations and promote cloud-enabled businesses in the country.

    The first joint action, which began on 26/11/2021 and was completed on 10/12/2021, included free training for registered unemployed, with the implementation of an online training program, entitled “AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials”. The main objective was to enhance the digital skills of the trainees and in particular their skills in the subject of the basic principles of cloud computing.

    The program was carried out with the method of modern distance education and was conducted through the official educational institution for Greece OTEAcademy (Amazon Training Partner). The participants who completed the training received a certificate of attendance.

    After the completion of the program, the trainees were asked to complete an evaluation questionnaire, from which it emerged that 90% of the participants evaluated the whole program positively.

    More information here

  • Google Greece
    1. The first joint action included free training in digital marketing through an online platform for 3,000 unemployed people up to 29 years old. The program was implemented in two cycles, starting on 14/07/2020 and ending on 11/12/2020 and was carried out online through asynchronous but also modern training, with a total duration of 75 hours.
      The beneficiaries who successfully completed the program, received certification from Google and were given the opportunity to participate in a subsidized work experience acquisition program related to the training subject.
    2. Then followed a new action which concerns an Integrated Vocational Training Program with Certification, for up to 3,000 unemployed people, aged up to 29, for four different certificates which are provided in English. The program is offered free of charge through the Coursera platform. Each beneficiary has the opportunity to complete from one to four offered certificates: IT Support Specialist, UX Designer, Project Manager, Data Analyst. Upon successful completion, a certificate of attendance is awarded by the Coursera platform.
    3. During the third phase of the collaboration, DYPA and Google Greece, in the context of Corporate Social Responsibility, implemented the "Training Program for the Creation of New Businesses in the Digital Age", which enabled 4,000 unemployed people, aged up to 45, to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to create a business plan for a sustainable start-up.
      Focusing on today's needs, an innovative 2-week (35 hours) distance learning program was implemented through Google's online platform that helped participants develop a wide range of skills such as:
    • technical skills related to business identity, market mapping and marketing plan creation
    • best practices for website creation, internet promotion, business data management and analysis
    • guidance in business plan composition
      Upon successful completion of the Program, the trainees received a certificate of attendance from Google Greece. You can find more information about this program here


  • Coursera

    The Greek Public Employment Service and Coursera signed a memorandum of cooperation for the provision of distance training to the unemployed, through free access to Coursera's globally recognized online e-learning platform, as part of the latter's corporate social responsibility program. Specifically, the unemployed had the opportunity to attend 77 courses subtitled in Greek, as well as 3,800 English-language courses, belonging to a huge range of subject areas and provided by the world's leading universities, such as Carnegie Mellon, Columbia University, Duke University, cole Polytechnique, Johns Hopkins University, Imperial College, New York University, Princeton University, Stanford University, University of Chicago, University of Leeds and Yale University. 

    The program began on 18/11/2020 and ended on 15/02/2021. In total, the online e-learning platform enrolled 24,626 unemployed, who attended 400,489 teaching hours and completed 31,377 courses. The entitled persons were able to choose as many online courses as they were interested in and with the successful completion of each of them, the company Coursera provided a certificate of attendance. 

    During the program and as part of the feedback, the participants submitted their views on the online platform, on the specific educational experience, which were extremely positive. In addition, the final evaluation of the program by the participants was completed by completing a relevant questionnaire.

  • Cisco Hellas

    The Greek Public Employment Service and Cisco Hellas S.A., in the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding signed in October 2020 as members of the National Coalition for Digital Skills and Employment to tackle the digital divide and strengthen the digital economy, collaborated to implement an online vocational training program that was offered free of charge to the unemployed in the context of the company's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

    The program provided online training to up to 3,000 registered unemployed people aged 18 years and over, in the thematic section “Introduction to Cybersecurity”. The program was conducted through the Cisco Networking Academy's online platform and was designed for those interested in working in the field of information technology with a specialization in cybersecurity, while it was offered in Greek. Participants received a certificate of completion, after attending the course, successfully completing the final examination process and participating in the course evaluation process, as well as a Digital Badge which is the electronic confirmation of the skills and knowledge acquired. The program began on 9/6/2021 (start of the registration process of trainees on the platform) and ended on 25/7/2021.

    Further information here

  • University of Western Macedonia

    The Greek Public Employment Service cooperated with the Center for Education and Lifelong Learning (KE.DI.VI.M.) of the University of Western Macedonia for the implementation of the pilot program “Innovative Methods in the Agricultural Sector”, with the method of distance modern training, for 100 registered unemployed.

    The program concerned unemployed graduates of agronomic direction or young unemployed, who are knowledgeable in informatics and automation and are interested in the application of modern and innovative methods in domestic agricultural production and was designed in order for the beneficiaries to receive the relevant know-how, so that they can be in a position to choose each time the appropriate methods and technological solutions to optimize the way of cultivation, with the ultimate goal of increasing production quantitatively and qualitatively, reducing the relevant costs and protecting the environment

    It was implemented from 12/10/2021 to 27/11/2021, in 21 online sessions with the method of modern education, with a total duration of 70 (seventy) hours.

    Participants of the program, aged 18-60 years, strengthened through the educational process their knowledge in relation to the following thematic sections:

    1. Methods of soil quality improvement 

    2. Methods of increasing agricultural production and use of biological additives

    3. Technologically innovative solutions for the optimization of the way of cultivation and the use of automated processes for agricultural work

    The acquired skills will be officially imprinted by granting, to those who complete the Program, a Certificate of Vocational Education and Training from the Center for Education and Lifelong Learning (KE.DI.VI.M.) of the University of Western Macedonia.

  • Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB)

    The Greek Public Employment Service collaborated with the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB), one of the leading institutions both in Greece and internationally, in the implementation of a pilot program of asynchronous distance training through the AUEB's Center for Education and Lifelong Learning (KE.DI.VI.M.), which undertook the pilot implementation in the tourism sector. The pilot program was aimed at 100 seasonal workers in tourism, aged 18-49, in related thematic areas, with modern and useful tools in an e-learning environment and covered the following thematic areas.

    • Digital Marketing and E-DIGIMA Social Networks, duration of 40 hours 
    • Business Applications with MS Excel, duration of 45 hours
    • Process of development and preservation of personal image in the context of a person's professional career PERSONAL BRANDING,  duration of 36 hours
    • Management Media services,  duration of 25 hours

    The beneficiaries had the opportunity to choose one of the aforementioned training subjects.

    The trainees who successfully completed the program were granted a Certificate of Vocational Education and Training, which is accompanied by a Certificate Supplement and are mentioned in detail the subject of the program, the thematic units attended by the trainee, as well as the training methodology followed.

  • Municipality of Aspropyrgos

    In the framework of the new cooperation of the Greek Public Employment Service with the Municipality of Aspropyrgos for the more effective support of the unemployed, a new training program was developed in the field of Sheet Metal Worker – Metal Welder. The action was formed in the framework of the new partnerships and integrated interventions of the Greek Public Employment Service with the local government, which aim at responding more directly to the needs of the local economies and labor markets.

    The aim of the training is to upgrade the qualifications of the prospective employees in the industry sector, which requires specific skills and upgraded knowledge according to the changing technological developments in the specialty of metalworkers, but also their effective interconnection with the labor market. The program is addressed to 30 unemployed persons, aged 18-55, who are residents of the Municipality of Aspropyrgos, registered in the unemployed registers of the Greek Public Employment Service and are looking for a job in this specialty.

    The training is implemented in the Professional School (EPAS) of the Greek Public Employment Service in Elefsina, while the internship will take place in enterprises of the Municipality of Aspropyrgos. After their certification by an accredited body, trainees will be employed 80% of the time in related enterprises. The total training includes 180 hours of theory and 640 hours of practical training in enterprises within the Municipality of Aspropyrgos. 

    In particular, the Greek Public Employment Service is responsible for the selection of the beneficiaries, the training and certification of their knowledge and skills, while the Municipality of Aspropyrgos will assist Greek Public Employment Service in finding and recommending local businesses that wish to participate through the internship and subsequent employment of the beneficiaries.

  • Municipality of Amarousio, Mandra-Eidyllia, Korydallos

    The Greek Public Employment Service, in collaboration with the Municipalities of Maroussi, Mandra-Eidyllia and Korydallos, is implementing a pilot program to diagnose the needs of local labor markets and to speed up the coupling of supply and demand for labor. The program offers a set of services to the unemployed and businesses of the three Municipalities and the aims of the program are multiple. Indicatively, the coupling of supply and demand for work through the services of the Greek Public Employment Service, with the assistance of the Contracting Municipalities of Local Enterprises, the design and implementation of training programs based on local skills needs, the investigation, planning and implementation of the promotion of Vulnerable Social Groups and the coupling of local businesses with EPAS and IEK of Greek Public Employment Service for the internship of the participants in the program. 

    The training will be implemented by the services of Greek Public Employment Service [Vocational training centre (KEK) Rentis] and will arise after consultation with the companies, in order to meet their real needs in terms of human resources. The program is addressed to registered unemployed persons, residents of the three municipalities and aged 18-65 years. The number of beneficiaries will be determined in the next period.

  • Training Institute of the National Centre for Public Administration and Local Government (INEP EKDDA)

    DYPA collaborates with the National Centre for Public Administration and Local Government (EKDDA) to establish an integrated and coherent advisory framework of technical support for the development and promotion of DYPA's human resources strategy utilising the know-how E.K.D.D.A has to offer in the identification of training needs and the implementation of certified training programmes.

    In this context DYPA aims to improve its administrative and business capacity by upgrading and enhancing the skills and knowledge of its labour force and to promote the reforms deriving from both the implementation of DYPA's new organisational model and the innovative practices in the Field of Employment - Training.

    Having the above objectives as guidelines, every new training season DYPA’s Department of Personnel Training asks the Training Institute of the National Centre for Public Administration and Local Government (INEP EKDDA) to organise group - closed seminars addressed exclusively to DYPA's officers.

    From 2021 till October 2023 INEP implemented exclusively for DYPA 21 training programmes in which a total of 468 DYPA officers participated.

    Such training programmes for example were:

    • Codification of the Legislation for Publc Projects. Standards – Specifications- Regulations
    • Assignment and execution of public contracts for projects, studies, technical and other related services.
    • Heads of energy management and the implementation of energy management according to the ISO 50001 standard in the public sector.
    • Assignment and execution of public contracts for procurement and various services.
    • Basic training for Department heads.
    • Digital transformation in the educational administration.
    • Risk and crisis management for safety and health in schools and educational units.
    • Active labour market policies for the (re)integration of vulnerable social groups into the labour market.
    • Development of management skills: problem solving and decision-making techniques
    • The team as a transformation agent of the public administration.

    The Common Assignment Framework as a tool for a holistic quality management.