Vocational Training is part of active employment policies. Through these interventions, the Public Employment Service aims to enhance employment opportunities for individuals seeking work and improve their prospects for sustainable, high-productivity employment positions.

This section includes information about all the vocational training activities of the Public Employment Service (DYPA).

Training Programs for the Recovery and Resilience Facility

Training Programs financed by the Recovery and Resilience Facility

National Skills Council

Design of the National Skills Strategy and monitoring its implementation

Pilot Training Actions

Training actions for specific target groups implemented in collaboration with local or other Bodies

Vocational Training Programs

In-company training for employees through the ELEKP account - ΕΛΕΚΠ/Special Account for Implementing Social Policies (formerly LAEK - Employment and Vocational Training Account)

European Actions

Vocational training actions which are included as part of the European programs.

Institute of Vocational Training of the Greek Public Employment Service - "Initial Vocational Training"

The 31 Vocational Training Institutes of the Greek Public Employment Service (DYPA), where 3,800 students study every year, operate throughout Greece with 43 modern specialties.

Vocational Training Center of the Greek Public Employment Service- Vocational Training Centers

Through the Vocational Training Centers, Greek Public Employment Service seeks to effectively connect training - promotion of the unemployed to employment.

Collaboration with Training Bodies

Targeted training actions in collaboration with highly established bodies in the labor market.