Vocational Training Programs

  • Through the in-company training programs (ELEKP), OAED aims at the training of employees, in order to better meet the needs of the company that employs them and increase their productivity.

    The operation of Vocational Training Programs is supported by an autonomous Information System

    The in-company training programs are implemented within the framework of the "Single Account for the Implementation of Social Policies". Representatives of all Social Partners are involved in the Committee for the reform of the ELEKP Account programs. The results of the work are recorded in a Study that has been submitted to the Management of the Organization.

    The annual allocation and management program of this Account in the part concerned the training is specialized in two (2) main actions. 

  • Vocational Training Programs for Employees in Businesses - Beneficiary is the Company (ELEKP 0.24%)
      • The program is rewarding and employees from all companies may participate as long as the ELEKP employer contribution 0.24% has been paid. The criteria for the implementation of the training programs are determined by an annual circular issued by the Management Committee of ELEKP and approved by the OAED Board.

  • Vocational Training Programs for Employees in Businesses - Implemented by Employers' Representative Institutions for Employees in Small Businesses (ELEKP 1-49)
      • Employees of small companies can participate in this program through their associations. Companies with a small number of employees do not have the opportunity to exploit the ELEKP resource, thus as a result the retained amount of 0.24% remains unexploited by small businesses.

        Therefore, the second program is prepared mainly aiming to expand training opportunities and utilize the contribution of small business employees and is implemented by employers representative institutions.

        A number of 120.000 employees are benefited annually.

  • These programs are implemented in the two (2) structures available to the Organization, the Athens Vocational Training School of PWDs in Galatsi and the Thessaloniki Vocational Education and Training Center of PWDs (Thessaloniki EKEK PWDs).

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